Our members aspire to become digitally mature. They want to change their way of working and speed up their innovation, and they are willing to learn from other members and share their own experiences through relevant use cases that serve others.

Does this sound like your organization? Or at least like your teams that are responsible for digital? Then you should consider membership. What do you get in return? You will get exclusive access to a database with thousands of use cases that you can use for your benefit.

You will be part of a prestigious group of CxOs and companies that motivate and challenge each other. You will receive invitations to select events, too. You will receive credits toward your membership balance when you upload use cases. The more cases you contribute, the lower your fee. In this way, we stimulate the growth of our database, which will then become applicable to more cases, and more members will benefit.Read more about credits and fees.

Some of our members are already digital frontrunners – and their CxOs are eligible for a DKI ambassadorship. Read more about our ambassadors and their organizations.

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Our platform will be launched on September 1st with thousands of use cases. See what it’s going to look like, or sign up to receive updates.

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