Use cases.


What does a typical use case look like? For our context, a use case is a digital initiative that makes a measurable difference for one concrete business outcome. A use case overview comprises a summary of each initiative: the problem to solve, the approach to solving it, and the required change effort. It tracks the investment made and the impact delivered, as well as the technology and people involved in achieving the change. In this way, each use case can inspire and educate your teams on the art of what is possible in digital transformation.

All of our use cases have the following structure:

Context & Basic Information

  • Use case overview
  • Use case context and approach description
  • Reference client contact details (not publicly visible)
  • Partner(s) contact details (not publicly visible)

DAI & Process Impact

  • DAI enabler selection
  • DAI scoring description
  • Key drivers for successful implementation

Build & Run Costs

  • One-off cost
  • Annual run cost

Value & Impact

  • Overall value delivered
  • Key values (e.g., higher productivity, quality improvement)
  • Impact on main KPIs

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