The Digital Acceleration Index (DAI)

Digital maturity is a measure of an organization’s ability to create value through digital. High levels of digital maturity mean a competitive advantage along multiple performance indicators, including revenue growth, time to market, cost efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction. This is a crucial predictor of success for companies launching a digital transformation.
DAI is a fast, overarching, industry-agnostic tool to assess end-to-end digital maturity along 33 dimensions, such as customer journeys, the digital supply chain, and marketing personalization.
The Digital Acceleration Index (DAI):
  •     Evaluates across four major areas: strategy, outcomes, human, and technology
  •     Selects from four maturity stages per dimension with specific descriptions around governance, process, tools, et cetera
  •     Determines current digital maturity, digital ambition, and the importance of digitization in each dimension
DAI allows for benchmarking digital maturity against sector, industry, or country:
  •     10,000+ data points across regions and sectors
  •     Annual studies to keep the database up to date
DAI supports companies in various phases of digital transformation:
  •     Developing an integrated digital strategy roadmap
  •     Determining completeness of the digital initiatives portfolio
  •     Re-prioritizing the digital initiatives portfolio to close gaps
  •     Tracking the progress of digital transformations
  •     Checking digital transformation progress against peers
DAI has been a critical enabler for BCG and ICT media as the central methodology in the annual Dutch CIO of the Year Award. All previous winners have based their digital strategy on DAI.

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