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Is your organization leading in digital or well on its way to becoming digitally mature? If you become one of our ambassadors, you can help other businesses with their transition. As an ambassador, you:

  • Benefit from free first-year membership and priority access
  • Are invited to join the DKI advisory board and help shape the build-out of this community
  • Have access to a dedicated curation team to support case creation

To the outside world, you will be seen as a digital leader that helps elevate the digital maturity of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Becoming an ambassador is easy, but it involves some work. In a period of 8-12 weeks, you will have to:

  • Select your internal use-case team
  • Review our use-case template with the DKI team
  • Start collecting 1-2 cases for rapid curation by the DKI team
  • Attend weekly check-ins with the team
  • Submit 10-20 use cases within 12 weeks

Use cases must meet a threshold to qualify for inclusion on the DKI platform. Our team will advise and support you along the way.

Read more about use cases [link to Use cases. Explained.]

Are you confident about ambassadorship? Please leave your email address below, and a team member will reach out to you.

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Our platform will be launched on September 1st with thousands of use cases. See what it’s going to look like, or sign up to receive updates.

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